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Lifting Jack Pad | Center Lifting Jack Pad for Subaru


Lifting Jack Pad | Center Lifting Jack Pad for Subaru


 The TunerRack center lifting jack pad protects the undercarriage/subframe from being dented and scratched when lifting the vehicle from the front using any common floor jack.

 Also, the TunerRack center lifting jack pad is perfect for lowered vehicles. When installed the center lifting jack pad becomes the lowest point on the front of the vehicle and prevents catastrophic damage to the subframe and suspension components when the vehicle makes contact with the ground/bottoms out.

 Every time you jack up your beloved Subaru from the center of the front subframe you risk damaging the subframe, not to mention improper jack placement may also lead to accidents causing the vehicle to slip off the floor jack. This can lead to serious undercarriage/frame damage and injury.

 When your floor jack lifting cup is properly centered over the TunerRack lifting jack pad it is locked in place and has no possibility of slipping or damaging your vehicle.

  • Perfect for do-it-yourselfers who cherish their Subaru’s.
  • Discrete, durable and lightweight aluminum construction. Trademark Pending
  • Will take all the punishment so that your prized car does not have to.
  • Perfect for people who’s idea of a perfect weekend is spent wrenching under their car.
  • Made from durable aluminum alloy and will never rust or corrode.
  • Easy to install. All necessary hardware included in this kid.

The TunerRack crew is currently running these centers lifting jack pad on our 2015 WRX.  

 1 Center lifting jack pad and mounting hardware included per order.

Direct bolt on part. No modifications to the vehicle required. Professional installation is recommended.

Compatible with 4th generation Subaru 2015-2021 WRX, 2015-2018 STI,  2014 - 2018 Forester XT 


All TunerRack branded products are made proudly here in the USA


  • 2015-2021 Subaru WRX
  • 2015-2018 WRX STI
  • 2014 - 2018 Subaru Forester XT
  • 1 TunerRack Center Lifting Jack pad (comes with everything you see in the picture).
  • 100% Brand New in the box with manufacturer packaging. 
  • Torture tested by the TunerRack team.
  • Installation does not require any cutting, drilling or modification to your vehicle. 
  • Compatible with many makes and models.
  • High quality billet aluminum construction anodized in black color. 
  • Easy to install. Comes with 4 flange bolts and 4 nuts, and mounts directly to the bottom of the front subframe. A minimum of 2 mounting points are required for securing the unit safely to the vehicle. 
  • Fits most floor jacks with cups over 3 inches in inner diameter. 
  • Easy to install. Unit aligns with the 4 bolts at the bottom of the subframe.
  • Be sure to align the unit so that the arrow is facing towards the front of the vehicle. DO NOT install unit with the arrow pointing towards the back of the vehicle! 
  • Use the included double-sided tape only on the center notch. DO NOT USE double sided tape near the mounting holes.  The double-sided tape intended purpose is to help you hold the unit on the car as you fish the bolts through the inner structure of the subframe. 
  • A minimum of 2 mounting points are required for securing the unit safely to the vehicle. Please do not secure unit to vehicle with just one bolt. 
  • Professional installation is recommended (No instructions included).
  • Any damage during installation will not be refunded.



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