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Manual Performance Shifter Stop Gap Bracket for Subaru WRX/Legacy/Outback

Original price $24.95
Current price $14.95

Manual Performance Shifter Stop Gap Bracket for Subaru WRX/Legacy/Outback

Original price $24.95
Current price $14.95

Improve the shifting accuracy, shifting speed and feel of your manual transmission Subaru by reducing the horizontal shifting distance between gears with a performance shift stop bracket. 

 The performance shift stop bracket will reduce the travel between 1st to 2nd gear by approximately 1 inch reducing shifting time and helping improve acceleration from dead stop.

Solid high-quality billet aluminum construction CNC machined from a solid piece of 6061 Aluminum. Anodized in red color for improved durability.

Direct bolt on part however, professional installation is recommended.

This part fits multiple Subaru. Please check compatibility chart to insure this part fits your vehicle.

Compatible with:

  • 2015-2016 Subaru WRX Base H4.1998cc (Newer models will require additional washers/gaskets to keep the brace tightly fastened.)
  • 2010-2014 Legacy/Outback w/ Manual Trans
  • 2014-2018 Forester w/ Manual Trans
2015 - 2016SubaruWRX
2015 - 2016SubaruWRX
2010 - 2014SubaruLegacy
2014 - 2018SubaruForester
  • One shifter stop gap bracket
  • 2 Allen bolts
  • 2 washers 
  • 100% Brand New in the box with manufacturer packaging 
  • High quality billet aluminum construction
  • Fits multiple Subaru makes and models 
  • Direct bolt on part
  • Street and track torture tested
  • Reduces shift times 
  • Enhanced shifting accuracy and more responsive feel  
  • 1. Remove the shift knob.
  • 2. Remove the shift boot bezel.
  • 3. Remove the shift boot.
  • 4. Remove the two 10mm bolts from the 5th and 6th gear shift stop.
  • 5. Place the shift stop to the left of the shift rod and insert the supplied bolts where you removed the previous two 10mm bolts, hand tighten them as you'll need to make adjustments.
  • 6. With the engine off, and the parking brake on, move the shifter to fifth gear and adjust the right shift stop so there is only a very small gap between the shifter and the stop. Make sure you can also shift to 6th in this position as well.
  • 7. Do the same for 1st and 2nd gear making sure there is only a very small gap between the shifter and the new stop.
  • 8. Tighten the hex head bolts, and once again make sure you can shift into 1st, 2nd, 5th and 6th gear without extra effort.
  • 9. Please note: The washers are not for the shift stop, but for the two small 7mm nuts to the left. This is where those two washers belong. Remove those and place the washers over the screw and then replace the nuts, making sure they are centered before tightening.  These two washers are not absolutely necessary, but they can help tighten up the assembly.)
  • 10. Reassemble and you have finished.
  • Professional installation is highly recommended (No instructions included).
  • Any damage during installation will not be refunded.
  • Please note the bolts will be longer for the 2016-2021 WRX models and may require additional washers/gaskets to keep the assembly tightly assembled. 

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